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101AR is an all-in-one AR editing tool that includes an online editing platform and a mobile AR viewing application. It allows teachers to smoothly create teaching materials containing AR content to drive experiential learning to increase students’ engagement, while additionally allowing students to experience building and viewing projects with AR content at ease.

Low hardware requirements

Editing can be done in any device that has network connection, i.e. desktop, laptop and tablets

Enhance learning and creativity

Nurture youngsters to be future innovators by incorporating learning with latest technology

Achieve flipped classroom

Making lessons more responsive and interactive

Easier to deliver knowledge

Bridge the gap between theory and practice

Easy to edit

Simple User Interface

With the neat design, users could easily find the buttons they need. Even for first-time users, they could finish creating an AR content within 30 minutes.

360° editing panel

Allowing user to preview the AR effect in different angles

Drag-and-drop motion

Using the simplest command to add and adjust the effect

Built-in resources

Ever-expanding 3D model library

Built-in 3D model library aims at reducing the online searching time of users. To make the steps of creating and editing simpler and easier.


The number of 3D models will increase from time to time

Filter for educational purposes

Our education consultant will help select 3D models that most suitable for learning


Build an AR learning community

The mobile application not only allow users to view their own outcome, also wish to build an AR learning community. Users could follow freely within their own schools, get the latest updated content on the home page. It helps enhance discussions outside the classroom.

Follow and connect

Easier to spread knowledge in school with students in different grades


Share the favourite projects to users outside your school

Case Study – United Christian College (Kowloon East)

Teacher Professional Development Training Workshop

Quality AR face-to-face or online teacher professional development training course provided by NetDragon certified AR trainer. User-friendly platform allows both primary or secondary teachers of any subjects to integrate AR technology to their lessons and enhance the learning experience of students.

Case Study – United Christian College (Kowloon East)

AR Chinese Herbal Garden

A team of 10-20 students from S.1 – S.4 used 3-month’s time to develop an AR mobile application to introduce the in-campus herbal garden.

Students formulated their own ideas to introduce different types of Chinese medicine in AR utilizing 101AR. In this process, students is responsible for designing the connection map and content to make sure the message is effectively delivered. We provide guidance in through each step along the process of designing a mobile application.

Getting start with AR, create your AR project in 3 steps

101AR Beginner's Guide

No special devices are needed. Create AR project at any time with the online editing platform. Simply learn how to use 101AR by watching this video!

Upcoming Competition for Schools

Inter-Secondary School AR/VR Competition

Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students is now open for application


《三國傳真》 AR/VR大賽

is now open for application


Training and Teaching Material Support

On-site Training

NetDragon AR Training

Suitable for schools that looking for on-site training delivered by certified trainer

Target:Primary 3 or above

Suggested teaching hours:

AR Basic – 4 hours or above

AR Advance – 8 hours or above(Content of AR Basic is included)

Teaching Material

NetDragon AR Teaching Material

Suitable for schools that will appoint their school teacher to deliver AR training

Suggested teaching hours of the provided teaching material:

AR Basic – 4 hours or above

AR Advance – 8 hours or above(Content of AR Basic is included)

For more details about the training, please contact us.

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