HK’s First DIY Educational VR Maker Tool

VR Mysticraft

Integrating Virtual Reality (VR) technology with learning and teaching, VR Mysticraft allows users to create their own VR content with resources and teaching materials embedded and simply drag and drop the command button. You can be a VR maker without any professional programming nor graphic design knowledge!

Sharpening problem-solving skills

When the VR work does not achieve the expected outcome, the VR maker has to debug and amend

Grasping User Experience design capability

Put user experience first when creating work, train up observation, analytical and optimization skills in the VR maker

Improving spatial thinking

Think and create in a 3-dimensional world, sharpen the spatial concepts in the VR maker, manifest the spatial relationship and reasoning process on the VR creator tool

Strengthening story-telling techniques

A good VR work is well-organized, with fluent logic and influential, a VR maker is also a good story-teller

Cultivating Maker Task Force

Simple drag-and-drop and programming-language-free

You can be a VR maker today without any professional programming nor graphic design knowledge – simply drag and drop the command button to compose your storyline and construct the game logics.

Learn in just 90 minutes

Over 800 teachers and students have now taken the lead in experiencing VR Mysticraft!
For Primary 4 or form 6 students, all teachers from different backgrounds could manage using VR Mysticraft in just 1.5 hours.

Understand game design logic

Write an interesting VR game without knowing any programming language.
VR Mysticraft has turned programming scripts into command buttons, simply drag one to the editing panel to create a storyline and grasp the basics of game design.

Stimulate creativity

Every innovative ideas could be made visible in the virtual world.

101VR interface
101VR Library
No barrier to VR creation

Free expanding VR scenario and 3D model library

Our ever-expanding library consists of cross-subject 3D models and VR scenes, empowering your own VR project creation. Choose from more than 30,000 resources to start the maker journey.

Vivid VR scenario bank

Start the creation from picking a VR scene, the bank consists of all kinds of geographical terrain, city landscape from the East to the West, and even the microscopic world. The VR maker could also start from scratch by choosing the empty scene.

Lifelike 3D model

3D resources are categorized in due order including characters, animals, plants, buildings and vehicles, etc. The animated character and animal 3D models can perform different behaviors, gestures and even facial expressions, alongside with the powerful weather system, with no limits to realize your imagination.

Individualized VR work

Support uploading local multi-media content including 3D models, videos, pictures and audio tracks.

Inquiry-based learning

As a free and open creation platform, VR Mysticraft emphasizes the process of “Creating” and “Playing”.

Brand new learning mode

Immersive and interactive learning

VR technology and paper-form learning complement each other, making learning more fun and catering for learning diversity

Incorporate cross-subject knowledge

Apply multi-disciplinary knowledge during creating the VR work, the maker has to do their own data research, and apply science or even language skills in the VR creation project.

Extra dimension to learning

VR Mysticraft asks the maker to create in a 3-dimensional space, train up the spatial thinking skills when placing 3D models or camera, and when setting up storylines.

Instant VR experience

Press the “play” button, and view your own VR project via a head-mounted VR display. Continue fine-tuning your work anytime when returning to the editing mode.

101VR and 101LMS
Create anywhere

Auto-sync to personal cloud

The VR work is synchronized to the personal cloud automatically, giving access to edit anytime and anywhere.

  • Wherever you go, your VR work follow
  • VR work is stored in the format of an editable project

Content Preview


Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals


General Studies


The Universe



Upcoming Competition for Schools

Inter-Secondary School AR/VR Competition

Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students concluded successfully. Thank you for joining!


《三國傳真》 AR/VR大賽

AR Competition concluded successfully. VR Competition will be announced soon.


Training and Teaching Material Support

On-site Training

NetDragon VR Training

Suitable for schools that looking for on-site training delivered by certified trainer

Target:Primary 5 or above

Suggested teaching hours:

VR Basic – 6 hours or above

VR Advance – 12 hours or above(Content of VR Basic is included)

Teaching Material

NetDragon VR Teaching Material

Suitable for schools that will appoint their school teacher to deliver VR training

Suggested teaching hours of the provided teaching material:

VR Basic– 6hours or above

VR Advance – 12 hours or above(Content ofVR Basic is included)

For more details about the training, please contact us.

Computer Requirements

The following are the recommended computer specs for VR Mysticraft. Schools can purchase VR headsets to enjoy truly immersive VR experience.
  • OS: 64bit Window 7 or later
  • CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3470 CPU s 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), -3.6GHz or better
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card or better is recommended
  • The computer must meet the minimum computer requirements of VR headset if VR headsets are in use
For more information about computer and VR Mysticraft supporting VR headsets, please contact us or our software and training resellers.

Software and Training Resellers


Tel/WhatsApp: +852 3705-2490 Email:

DTSL Group

Tel/WhatsApp: +852 5295-7605 Email:

EASCO Telecommunications

Tel: +852 3423-7958

Ricoh Hong Kong Limited

Tel/WhatsApp: +852 6408-8557 Email:
Case Study – United Christian College (Kowloon East)

VR technology = School regular curriculum

Technology today is ever-changing, there would be probably more than 60% of primary schoolchildren end up working in jobs that don’t yet exist. United Christian College (Kowloon East) therefore put the cutting-edge VR technology in junior form ICT curriculum, so to equip their students to face the 21st century challenge.

See how the ICT and STEM teacher cultivates the tomorrow maker.

Start your VR maker journey today with VR Mysticraft!

NetDragon cerified trainers provide quality on-site or online training. Contact us for more detail.