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The brand new designed Promethean ActivPanel is intelligently-designed and acts as the connection hub of the modern classroom for educators and students.

The award-winning ActivPanel offers the industry’s most unique and “technologically natural” writing experience using the highly accurate InGlass™ technology for teachers and students to collaborate simultaneously with ease. Writing on the ActivPanel is as natural as writing or drawing on a piece of paper! Powered by an external Android-based Mini PC (ActivConnect G [ACG]) that enables schools to upgrade the device’s performance over time to keep pace with rapid advances in computing technology.

ActivPanel creates an enormously captivating “tablet-like experience” in the front of the classroom with its fabulous design.

The lowest total cost of ownership in its class

Access to thousands of digital teaching tools via application compatibility

The industry's most elegant on-screen writing experience

Free interactive lesson delivery software trusted by teachers worldwide

Unique solution for the classroom with versatile mounting options

The Industry’s Most Natural Writing Experience

Highly-Accurate Touch Detection

ActivPanel creates a smooth pen-on-paper writing performance with no script-lag, enabling teachers and students to collaborate with ease.

The ActivPanel automatically detects differences between pen, touch and palm erase, allowing teachers to teach efficiently without switching between software tools.

Enabling Teachers and Students to Collaborate with Ease

The Intuitive New Whiteboard App

Combining the best writing and drawing experiences together with an application that’s easy to use, teachers can get started instantly with no training required.

  • Interact naturally with differentiated pen, touch and palm erase
  • Infinite canvas for unlimited workspace with pinch or zoom navigation
  • Create separate workspaces for students to collaborate simultaneously
  • Integrated teaching tools, including charts, tables, ruler and protractor
  • Easily Whiteboard sessions and export to PDF to share with the class
Education Tools for Connected Learning

Access to thousands of digital teaching tools and resources

Built-in educational apps with app store access to download more with easy device connectivity.

Mirror Lesson Content

Wirelessly mirror smartphones, Chromebooks™, tablets, and laptops to share content, ideas and student’s work.

Download Apps

Access the vast, ever-expanding world of educational apps directly from the home screen.

Connect Bluetooth Devices

Use musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, robots and more to support lessons and engage students.
ActivPanel and ActivConnect

Captivating, Tablet-like Experience in the Front of the Classroom

Full HD to 4K displays powered by Android PC.

Ultra 4K and Full HD Displays

Stunning displays with built-in light adjuster for ideal viewing

Powerful Display Computing

The Android module is included with purchase and provides tablet-like functionality

Superior Connectivity

Accessible ports include HDMI, VGA, USB, OPS, and more

Powerful Stereo Sound

Dual, front-facing stereo speakers included
Case Study – Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Promethean’s Solutions Build an Immersive Learning Environment

The large and growing district in Houston, Texas, was looking for a hardware and software solution that would turn its classrooms into an immersive 21st-century learning environment where all students would be engaged in learning.

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