Coding Galaxy

STEAM Pilot Workshop in Hong Kong

Get ready for STEAM education! Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill used by everyone in the world by mid-21st Century, just like reading, writing and arithmetic. Public primary schools are welcome to join our STEAM pilot workshop to have a taste of STEAM education and coding.


Learn More. Teach More.

Edmodo is a E-learning-focused social network empowering communication, collaboration and connection between teachers, students and parents.

101 Creative Pack

Shape the Creative Leaders

101 Creative Pack is a software pack of VR & AR editing, lesson design and applications. The cloud-based platform provides high flexibility for users to access the resources without time and place limitation.


A Touch of Simplicity

Promethean is the world-leading brand for innovative, immersive and interactive smart panels and whiteboard for school.


Virtual Reality for Classrooms

All-in-one solution for implementing VR in the classroom, raising engagement and increase knowledge retention for students in all ages through personal experience.


Engineering your Creativity

The Modi education kit is an inspiring tool with smart blocks and software for teachers and students to explore, experiment and learn robotics and programming through building their own smart devices to solve real problems.

English Galaxy

Adaptive & Gamified Learning Tool

English Galaxy, seamlessly integrates all knowledge points of Cambridge YLE Test into the interactive learning platform, is a gamified English learning tool designed for children aged 5 to 12.


A Professional Learning Management System

The one-stop management tool for schools to minimize administrative workload and increase operational efficiency and centre profitability.

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Manage with Ease

If you are looking for a way to improve your school or learning centre operational efficiency, ClassMind, a one-stop management tool is designed for you.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Administrative and financial report generate actionable insights for your business development.

Branding & Marketing Benefit

Add value by adopting education technology for better competitiveness in the market.

Customised Teaching Materials by Yourself

With 101 Creative Pack and GradMind, teacher can design and customize teaching materials for their own use and share to the world.

Data-driven Teaching Approach

Powered by adaptive learning technologies, teachers can learn more about the students and improve their teaching plan with recommendations from assessment and data analysis.

Enrich Teaching & Learning Experience

Various AR/VR resources are suitable for different subjects, such as Safari Photographer and VR Chat. You can also create your own VR and AR teaching materials by 101 Creative Pack.

Personalized Learning Experience

Learners can take an active role in their education rather than passively receiving and reiterating information from teachers. Learners, teachers and parents are involved in planning and setting goals, pace and level and choose how to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Learning Profile

Learning profile shows a full picture of learner's learning preferences, strengths and challenges. It helps teachers gain a better understanding of each learner and adjust the lesson plan to fit the needs of everyone.


Learning analysis and recommendation by the assessment engine leads you to a concrete learning outcome. You can get actionable insights and understand your strengths and weaknesses from the learning reports, which will help you achieve your learning goal progressively.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

ClassMind Parent App records children learning progress in school/learning centre. Never miss the important events of your children.

Better Communication with Teacher & School

Parents play an essential role in children's growth. Conversations with teachers and school can help you to understand what's your children learning and give them more support.

Learning Reports Help You to Assist Children Learning

Parents can learn about the children's needs through the learning reports, which reflect their learning proficiency and preferences, and give more support in their growth.