Dynamic and Engaging

AR/VR Courseware

In close alignment with Hong Kong Education Bureau’s (EDB) curriculum guide, the AR / VR courseware allows 360° observation of 3D objects to aid students get a better grasp of understanding various topics and subjects while being immersed in VR scenes without geographical or time boundaries to provide a greater visual impact, direct sensory imagery and deeper impression of knowledge points.

Extension and Enrichment

Thorough Learning

The AR / VR courseware acts as a complement to help consolidate students’ concepts and enriching their knowledge of topics.

  • Supplement lessons with AR / VR for comprehensive learning “in and out” of the classroom
  • Understand complex abstract concepts easily with clearly illustrated images
Interactive Learning

Gamified Classroom

Blending traditional learning with VR / AR adds fun to learning on top of textbooks.

  • Increase learning incentives in a game-based setting
  • Stimulate students’ creativity and productivity
  • Enable students to master learning with experiential and collaborative experiences
Tailor-made Yet Editable

Teaching Package

The AR/VR courseware is not only “ready to use” for teachers, but also flexibly “editable” to fulfill the requirements of personalizing teaching needs and wants of students .

  • Save time for the preparation of lessons with ready to use AR/VR courseware, useful teaching manuals and pre-designed worksheets
  • Modify courseware according to various teaching needs and purposes
Easily Accessible

Applicable Devices

Teachers can view AR / VR courseware using different devices at the utmost convenience.

  • Enjoy interactive VR through HTC VIVE with controllers or offline VR headsets
  • Observe AR objects with the help of iOS or Android mobiles or tablets