Dynamic and Engaging

AR Courseware

In close alignment with Hong Kong Education Bureau’s (EDB) curriculum guide, aid students get a better grasp of understanding various topics and subjects. It provides a greater visual impact, direct sensory imagery and deeper impression of knowledge points.

Extension and Enrichment

Thorough Learning

The AR courseware acts as a complement to help consolidate students’ concepts and enriching their knowledge of topics.

  • Supplement lessons with AR for comprehensive learning “in and out” of the classroom
  • Understand complex abstract concepts easily with clearly illustrated images
Interactive Learning

Gamified Classroom

Blending traditional learning with AR adds fun to learning on top of textbooks.

  • Increase learning incentives in a game-based setting
  • Stimulate students’ creativity and productivity
  • Enable students to master learning with experiential and collaborative experiences
Tailor-made Yet Editable

Teaching Package

The AR courseware is not only “ready to use” for teachers, but also flexibly “editable” to fulfill the requirements of personalizing teaching needs and wants of students .

  • Save time for the preparation of lessons with ready to use AR courseware, useful teaching manuals and pre-designed worksheets
  • Modify courseware according to various teaching needs and purposes
Easily Accessible

Applicable Devices

Teachers can view AR courseware using different devices at the utmost convenience.

  • Observe AR objects with the help of iOS or Android mobiles or tablets


Experience time of each AR content: ~ 3 minutes

Suitable for secondary level
Language: Chinese or English
Teaching Package(e-copy): 1. Teaching suggestion 2. Worksheet 3. Guideline for extension activity

  • Mathematics

Pythagoras' Theorem

• Pythagoras’ Theorem
• Pythagoras’ Theorem Converse of Pythagoras’ Theorem

Mensuration - Volume

• Volume – Right Prism
• Volume – Right Circular Cylinder
• Volume – Right Pyramid
• Volume – Right Circular Cone
• Volume – Sphere

Mensuration - Surface Area

• Surface Area – Right Prism
• Surface Area – Cylinder
• Surface Area – Right Pyramid
• Surface Area – Right Circular Cone
• Surface Area – Sphere

Coordinate System

• Translation
• Rotation
• Reflection

  • Science Education


• Animal Cell
• Microscope


• Structure of an Ear

Brain and Our Senses

• Structure of a Brain

Digestion and Absorption of Food

• Human Digestive System
• Structure of Teeth
• Types and Functions of Teeth

Force and Motion

• Structure of a Spacecraft
• Action and Reaction Force

  • Additional AR Experiences (without teaching package and worksheet )

• Photosynthesis
• Vertebrates
• Invertebrates


  1. 101AR mobile app
  2. iPad, iPhone or Android phone
  3. Internet connection

*Hardware devices are not included in the NetDragon Courseware Package. Schools will have to purchase required equipment separately.


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