Award-winning gamified English learning solution

English Galaxy

The award-winning English learning solution* for young learners, contains an adaptive learning system with structured multimedia content providing learning incentives with personalized feedback for students to continuously learn and improve their English with a high knowledge learning retention rate.

*Asia Smart App Awards 2017 – Silver, Game and Entertainment

Comprehensive Courseware

Authentic English learning content.

Gamified Learning Platform

Interactive learning games with virtual avatars.

In-depth Learning Analytics

Generating real-time and insightful learning reports for teachers to make sure students do not go astray on the learning path.

Personalized Language Learning

Using adaptive AI engine to provide appropriate recommendations for each student’s progress.

Gamified Learning App

Assimilating students’ interests with gaming across educational material encourages students to learn and review course materials outside of the classroom.

Combine learning with entertainment, reinforce learning memory

Reinforce learning memory after class with 7 interactive learning games and daily mission.

Virtual rewards encourage learning

Create in-game incentives with virtual rewards to personalize avatar and island.

Personalized learning, teaching with student’s aptitude

Personalized exercises given as “Daily Missions” are assigned accordingly to students’ learning path

Professional Learning Materials

Core of syllabus in alignment with Cambridge English: Young Learners English Tests (YLE) with learning materials adapted from English Journey published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP).

Core Curriculum Outline

Cambridge English: Young Learners English Tests (YLE)


English Journey by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP)
  • Fit for young learners aged 5 to 12 years old
  • Strongly coherent with the English Galaxy learning app
  • Complete courseware with English Galaxy Classroom that comes with student’s books, workbooks and storybooks with teaching materials and teaching plans

Classroom Teaching App

Delivered via the external Promethean ACG plugged into the Promethean ActivPanel, English Galaxy enables teachers to deliver lessons in an interactive environment with vibrant materials.

  • Teach with a wide range of structured multimedia via touch screen tablet devices with unplugged workbooks, student books and storybook
  • Maximize and stimulate students’ participation in class with interactive games boosting knowledge retention rate
  • Record, collect and analyze students’ learning data effectively while gaining meaningful and insightful students’ reports

Powered by Knowledge Graph and Smart AI Learning Analytics

All learning contents are grouped by themes as “galaxies and planets” and mapped in a universal knowledge graph for easy monitoring of students’ learning progress. Through intelligent analysis, English Galaxy’s AI engine generates useful reports and offers teachers the ability to offer personslized advice to parents, guardians and students.

  • Analyze students learning behavior patterns and learning performance
  • Generate “at a glance” insightful learning reports for teachers
  • Provide real-time, personalized and actionable recommendations for students
Case Study – English Galaxy Series

Immersive English Learning Environment with English Galaxy Series

How technologies can enhance learning?
SkyRocket is a “westernized” school environment set in a premium English learning community for young learners in the heart of Bangkok that provides an all-around learning experience based on American and British teaching method frameworks.

  • Comprehensive curriculum with international standards
  • With Personal and Classroom versionClassroom version contains teaching, learning materials and analytics
  • Seamless in-class and after class learning experience
  • AR/VR learning environmentSafari Photographer, KIZVR and AR animal cards
  • Intelligence classroomEnglish Galaxy with Promethean ActivPanel and ActivTable
  • Happy learning with the vibrant and gamified English Galaxy Classroom
  • Inspiring kids with the “space-like and galaxy” environment with advance technologies and decor
  • Shaping future leaders by learning around the 21st Century Learning and Citizenship framework

Curriculum and Framework

The learning content is selected from one of the largest publisher in China, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), developed by a team of British and American professionals according to Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams (YLE), and in line with the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Age English Galaxy Level CEFR YLE
5 – 6 Starter A Starter B PRE-A1 Starters
6 – 7 1A 1B
7 – 8 2A 2B
8 – 9 3A 3B A1 Movers
9 – 10 4A 4B
10 – 11 5A 5B A2 Flyers
11 – 12 6A 6B

CEFR: Common European Framework of References for Languages
YLE: Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams

User Reviews

  • A brilliant learning program that is colorful and exciting to teach as an educator and fun for all children having lessons. The interactive games give the classroom a fabulous atmosphere while the teaching materials really get the children to work together as a team to encourage speaking in English to complete tasks. Brilliant, thumbs up!

    J. Tsang
    NET – Oxford Academy of English
  • I really enjoy the ‘Star Seeker’ game because it’s a fun listening game. The cartoons are also very pretty and I would like to play more and more.

    S. Chan
    6 Year Old - Kindergarten student
  • Technology is going so fast. It’s unbelievable how lucky my kids are to be learning with such beautiful materials, whether in physical form or by the high tech apps and big screen tablets that present the lessons to them. The kids just love it and it’s a task trying to get them to leave the learning center sometimes…

    V. Chiu
  • I like the spelling games because I can learn and play at the same time. I always try to be as quick as possible when the clock is running and I have to spell really quickly!

    P. Lui
    7 Year Old - Primary One Student
  • I find the ‘English Galaxy Classroom’ complementing teaching materials to be very useful when I have large classes needing special attention in size and grouping of levels, as my pupils’ levels do vary. The ActivPanel is so welcomed by pupils, especially the little ones that love the games.

    Ms. Jose
    English Tutor – English for Asia
  • I don’t usually like my child, nephews or nieces, to be in front of the iPad so much, but as this app is great for after learning purposes of revising things learnt from playschool, I do not mind that he (child) plays for the set limited time of the galaxy quests he is assigned.

    L. Lam
  • When I was studying English as a second language in my primary and secondary school a few decades ago, there were only pen and paper to play with and it was not fun at all! With English Galaxy, I can see how the kids can learn those things even better but with loads of fun. And even as an adult today, I love that fun element in my learning journey. I wish I could have had English Galaxy that time.

    Dr. Fasa
    Educational Technology Researcher

Immersive English Learning Solution

English Galaxy Series

  1. English Galaxy – interactive English gamified learning platform
  2. KIZVR – disrupting learning with immersive AR/VR lessons
  3. Safari Photographer – exciting VR adventures in safari
  4. Oral Assessment Platform – intelligent language speaking assessment
  5. GradMind – smart adaptive technologies for learning