Immersive VR/AR Lesson


Disrupting learning with immersive AR/VR lessons

A brand new learning experience with groundbreaking reality simulating technologies to maximize learning and creativity.

Interactive VR experience

Action button aids better engagement and interaction with the virtual world for activities involving reactions from the user

Perfect fit for inserting mobiles

Compatible with smartphones between 4″ and 6″ inches in width

Facilitate teaching and learning

Provide immersive, engaging, interactive and fun lessons to students

Dxclusive learning resources

Headset bundle purchase comes with an AR / VR learning app

Ergonomic VR Headsets

  • Designed for childrenNo hard edges or sharp corners to prevent any possible harm for young users
  • Safe material and easy to washMade of anti-allergy, hyperallergenic and easily cleanable materials
  • Interactive VR experienceWith button for easy control
  • Anti-blue light filterProtects users’ eyes from high-energy visible (HEV) blue light
  • Quality lenses, sharp visionExtra large, wide and clear lenses for crystal clear visual immersion
  • Eyeglass friendlyDesigned to cater for users that wear spectacles with adjustable interpupillary distance and focal distance to fit user’s vision

Dxclusive learning resources

Exclusive learning resources provide a complete learning bundle for learners owning a pair of KIZVR goggles

Safari Photographer

As an English learning game with AR/VR, Safari Photographer facilitates learning of vocabularies and animal living habits in an immersive environment with a pack of beautifully illustrated AR animal cards.

Oral Assessment Platform

A platform for practicing and improving spoken English and Mandarin with supported speech recognition technology for learners to practice and review their oral skills anywhere and at anytime.

Facilitate teaching and learning

The stylish, chic and compact VR headset is poised to provide engaging, interactive and fun lessons for VR users of Safari Photographer or VR Chat with concretized knowledge points to favour the process of understanding and memorizing knowledge to enhance the learning efficiency and pace for children's learning path. Increase students’ learning motivation and interest in the classroom at ease by using KIZVR to provide an immersive and exciting learning experience!