Edmodo Enterprise

A Complete Solution for Distance and Hybrid Learning

A Global Education Network

Edmodo provides a flexible and safe classroom space that lets teachers and their learners connect—no matter where they are Classroom features give teachers a versatile space to conduct engaging lessons—complete with rigorous discussions, robust assessment and assignment tools, fun class challenges, and more.

Distance Learning and Video Conferencing

Zoom is integrated into Edmodo, allowing educators to facilitate synchronous instruction using a powerful video conferencing tool that’s perfect for remote learning.

Resource Library

Reduce the time it takes your teachers to create lessons by providing them access to all of your institutional resources, all in one place.

Lesson builder

Our customizable lesson builder lets your instructors assemble warm-ups, activities, lectures, polls—anything you can think of—into a daily class playlist for students to work through at their pace.

Measuring outcomes

Use Edmodo Classroom features to measure progress, both on-the-fly and summatively. Dashboards allow teachers to monitor progress in real-time, and students can easily ask questions and get feedback.

Administrator Tools

A built-in toolkit that allows administrators to set up teachers for success and take immediate action

Upgrade to Edmodo Enterprise, Maximize Learning Success

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