Intelligent Gamified Chinese Learning Platform

Chinese Galaxy

The one-stop theme-based and gamified online Chinese learning platform for K-6 studens, combining innovative educational technology with fruitful teaching and learning resources that boost students’ Chinese language proficiency.

Theme-based Content

225 theme-based storybooks divided into 3 levels.

Engaging Gamified Learning Platform

Play interactive learning games with story characters and collect flashcards.

Powered by Knowledge Graph

Learning contents are mapped in a knowledge graph for ease of monitoring learning path progress.

Advanced Adaptive Technologies

Boost learning efficiency by combining the use of an adaptive personalized learning framework, machine learning and big data.

Motivate and Engage

Engaging Gamified Learning App

Transform conventional teaching, learning contents are delivered via games and challenges with vibrant gaming effects. Each game contains various learning elements that include vocabulary, listening comprehension, speech assessment and reading with learning about various topics revolving around Chinese culture to make learning Chinese interesting.

  • 5 interactive learning games
  • Challenges and revisons across each level
  • Beautiful flashcards as rewards
Best Curriculum Aligned

Proven Learning Series Spark Off Young Learners

A reading program developed by experienced instructors teaching Chinese as a language from international schools, Chinese Galaxy has proven to spark off young learners’ interest in learning Chinese as a second language (CSL) or increasing native speakers’ initiative to develop self-reading skills.

  • Presented in linear learning levels of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
  • Each level has 15 topics that is designed as a non-linear approach in learning
  • Whole series comprise of 225 fabulous storybooks with exciting plots
  • Coverage of over 2,000 common Chinese characters and phrases
Classroom Teaching App

Classroom Teaching App

Delivered via the external Promethean ACG plugged into the Promethean ActivPanel, Chinese Galaxy enables teachers to deliver lessons in an interactive environment with vibrant materials.

  • Teach with a wide range of beautiful multimedia
  • Maximize and stimulate students' participation in the classroom with interactive games
  • Record, collect and analyze students' learning data effectively for generating insightful reports
ActivPanel and ActivConnect

Curriculum and Framework

Cooperate with one of the largest publisher in China to jointly develop quality learning content and comprehansive teaching suite. All content is developed by experienced international school teachers, with topics related to student’s daily life. The curriculum meets the standard of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Youth Chinese Test (YCT).

Level Grade CEFR* YCT#
Level 1 K1, P1, P2 A1 Level 1-2
Level 2 P2, P3, P4 A2 Level 2-3
Level 3 P4, P5, P6 B1 Level 4

*CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
#YCT: Youth Chinese Test

User Reviews

Teaching English cross-curricular with Mandarin and simplified Chinese writing has added a total new spin in my classroom. The children that visit have a rather good base for their English already and are able to read the pinyin above the simplified Chinese words in the gorgeous storybooks that cover interesting topics for children aged from kindergarten level to even primary six classes. The spin of these three elements making such an interesting cross-curricular teaching have given me much more delight in teaching. It works well for individual lessons or as a small class of four students that I teach.

Miss Jose
NET - Oxford Academy of English

The photographs that talk about Chinese culture when I’m playing in the app are always very interesting. I now know what different dragons look like. I like Chinese dragons more, now.

9 Year Old - Primary Three Student