Exciting VR Adventure in Safari

Safari Photographer

As an English learning game with Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), it facilitates learning of the vocabulary of animals and their living habits in an immersive environment.

AR learning activities

As a professional wildlife photographer, learners are required to recognize their subjects and familiarize themselves with the National Park of wild animals.

VR assisted learning

Fully immersive view with VR mode and 360º mode where learners receive instructions from a native English speaking instructor via headset.

Task-based activities

Gamified activities to motivate students to learn the names of animals, their actions and about their living habits.

Powered by knowledge graph

Real-time recording of all activities and knowledge point assessments to provide immediate learning feedback for learners.

Immersive Learning

Immersed in virtual wilderness adventures to feel the charm of nature in the animal kingdom, Safari Photographer stimulates learners’ curiosity and creativity! Learners are motivated to learn native English with a combination of science and technology while experiencing a new and disruptive English learning mode.

Learn by Gaming Activities

Gamified activities and tasks allow learners to enjoy learning while having fun with Safari Photographer’s interactive environment that eliminates the mechanical repetition style of English language learning.

User Reviews

  • We may not have the famous Harry Potter’s magic wand to bring resurrect things, but we can have Safari Photographer to almost do the same things with our smartphones.

    Dr. Fasa
    Educational Technology Researcher
  • To make learning more interactive and fun, Safari Photographer incorporates various different latest technologies with language learning. Safari photographer not only allows children to bring the animals to real life, but also lets them enter the safari and be a professional photographer to fulfil different fun tasks. It definitely makes language learning less boring.

    Teacher – OAE Jr.
  • The animals that I see after I’ve played with the flashcards are even more real with my goggle headset. I know I need to be careful listening to the instructions so that I take the right pictures because I only have three chances each time and I don’t want to get it wrong. Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the animals quickly, so I have to pay attention.

    Hin Tse - 8 Year Old
    Primary Two Student
  • Teaching lessons related to animals is always delightful with this little gadget of technology with the goggle headsets. The students love it and I love seeing them have so much fun with trying to spot the animals while responding to the instructions they are given through listening and reading from the screens. Some students actually ask me if they can take one home for homework! I must say that I do not set homework for my students at the centre, therefore it’s unfortunately not possible for them to take the headsets home.

    Children’s Center Assistant Manager

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