Simple “Classroom Controls” Make Delivering VR lessons Easy


Available at Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

A complete virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) system for the classroom with all necessary hardware, software, tools and support required with everything ready for an engaging, rich and reliable learning experience.

Classroom-ready Device

Standalone VR Headset

No additional mobile device needed! ClassVR headset delivers a fully immersive VR experience while being wirelessly managed and controlled by the innovative ClassVR Teacher Portal.

Designed for Students

Lightweight, comfortable and suitable for users of all ages. Students simply hold and look through the device or use inclusive head straps for a “hands free” experience. Headsets feature a wipe clean facial padding, focal adjustment wheel to compensate for different vision requirements and designed to also cater for users that wear eyeglasses.

Augmented Reality Support

ClassVR features a front facing 8MP integrated camera to support AR content that brings printed material to life with amazing 3-dimensional images and animations that capture and enhance children’s imaginations and knowledge retention rate.
ClassVR Coursewares
Rich Learning Resources

VR / AR / MR Content and Lesson Plans

ClassVR is an open platform with a huge library supporting VR, AR and MR curriculum content, as well as allowing students and teachers to create, upload and share their own content to create a collaborative community of global educational resources’ network!

Designed for Teachers

The ClassVR portal includes access to a huge library of pedagogically sound curriculum that are “US Common Core State Standards” aligned which comprise engaging AR / VR and MR content along with downloadable structured lesson plans, guides and worksheets to help spark the imagination of students.

Share Community

The portal also provides access to a large community of content created and shared by teachers around the world, as well as exciting partnerships with great AR / VR and MR educational content publishers.
Real Time Control

Classroom Control Portal

Build your VR lesson and deliver it to every student simultaneously while guiding them through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way! ClassVR aids the monitoring of what students are viewing to help keep everyone on track of the learning path and teaching objectives.

Launch Activities Simutaneously

ClassVR portal allows teachers to deliver a defined playlist of resources to multiple headsets simultaneously where students will be viewing videos at the same time, allowing teachers to describe and comment in precise real-time to content being viewed.

Dynamic Points of Interest

With ClassVR’s dynamic “Point of Interest” (POI), teachers guide students to look at specific parts of the VR experience by simply clicking anywhere on the 360° image playback.

Real-time Headset View

Small icons, depicting each student’s headsets’ “point of view” (POV) are displayed on the portal to allow teachers to have an instant glance to know whether students are all focused in the right place.

Activity Lock for Focus

When delivering a lesson, the headsets automatically lock into the selected activity from the playlist. The “pressing” of buttons or “gestures” are disabled to ensure students remain in the current experience under the teacher’s control.
Keep Things Safe

Portable Storage and Charing

A portable, ruggedized storage and charging case makes sure that all headsets are safe, secure and fully charged to be ready for students to use at any time. The case holds and charges 8 headsets at a time and are custom designed with a lining of foam to help protect the headsets and hold them securely in place.

Secured Charing

An integrated USB charging hub with active cooling fan makes sure that headsets can be safely locked away and charged at the same time with no fear of overheating.

Portable for Shared Use

The extendable handle and rugged wheels make moving the headsets simple. With its strong ABS shell and soft internal foam padding, headsets are safe from knocks, bumps and rough handling.